Face of Another, The (1966)

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Brief Synopsis: "A plastics scientist loses his face in an accident and proceeds to obtain a new face for himself. With a new 'mask', the protagonist sees the world in a new way and even goes so far as to have a clandestine affair with his estranged wife. There is also a subplot following a hibakusha woman who has suffered burns to the right side of her face. In the novel, the protagonist sees this character in a film; in the film version, this is deliberately obscured."

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David Baruffi97(full review)

People Involved

  • Tatsuya Nakadai (Mr. Okuyama)
  • Machiko Ky├┤ (Mrs. Okuyama)
  • Mikijiro Hira (Psychiatrist)
  • Kyoko Kishida (Nurse)
  • Eiji Okada (The Boss)
  • Miki Irie (Girl with Scar)
  • Minoru Chiaki (Apartment Superintendent)
  • Hideo Kanze (Male Patient)
  • Kunie Tanaka (Patient at Mental Hospital)
  • Etsuko Ichihara (Yo-Yo Girl)
  • Hiroshi Teshigahara (Director)