The Seventh Seal

Lists: Drama, Fantasy

Brief Synopsis: "Ingmar Bergmann’s masterpiece film about confronting death. Death comes to a knight upon his arrival from battle and attempts to take him away. The knight challenges Death to a chess match as the people around them are haunted by the plague. The Seventh Seal comes from a riddle about crusaders who arrive home after a few years to find their people affected by the plague."

Overall Ranking: 269 (Rank from 1957: # 4)

Adjusted* Rating:
(lowest rating dropped)

Ratings Breakdown
(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 71.43%
Regular 14.29%
Half-Popped 14.29%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Josh of Classicblanca100
Patrick Devitt100
David Baruffi97
Thomas Pollock90
Cut The Crap Movie Reviews by Aiden R80(full review)
Bryan Lienesch42 - Utterly bizarre.
Comedy: 2
Sex Appeal: 2
Scary: 4
Rewatch: 2

People Involved

  • Max von Sydow (Antonius Block)
  • Gunnar Björnstrand (Jöns)
  • Bengt Ekerot (Death)
  • Nils Poppe (Jof)
  • Bibi Andersson (Mia)
  • Inga Gill (Lisa, Plogs wife)
  • Maud Hansson (Witch)
  • Inga Landgré (Karin, Blocks wife)
  • Gunnel Lindblom (Mute girl)
  • Bertil Anderberg (Raval)
  • Anders Ek (Monk)
  • Åke Fridell (Plog the smith)
  • Gunnar Olsson (Albertus Pictor, church painter)
  • Erik Strandmark (Jonas Skat)
  • Ingmar Bergman (Director)