Nobody Knows I'm Here

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Brief Synopsis: "Memo lives on a remote Chilean sheep farm, hiding a beautiful singing voice from the outside world. A recluse with a glittery flair, he can't stop dwelling on the past, but what will happen once someone finally listens?"

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People Involved

  • Jorge Garcia (Memo)
  • Millaray Lobos (Marta)
  • Luis Gnecco (Braulio)
  • Alejandro Goic (Jacinto)
  • Gastón Pauls (Ángelo)
  • Nelson Brodt (Sergio)
  • Solange Lackington (Producer)
  • Eduardo Paxeco (Samuel)
  • María Paz Grandjean (Francisca)
  • Juan Falcón (Talk Show Host)
  • Julio Fuentes (Guest)
  • Roberto Vander (Miami Producer)
  • Lukas Vergara (Memo niño)
  • Vicente Álvarez (Ángelo niño)

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  • Extra Features Podcast presents Episode 271