HPR Movie Club


Just as many movies benefit from the world of literature, so will our world of movie discussion benefit from the world of literature discussion.

For years, people have gotten together in a group, having been assigned works of literature to read and discuss. The Book Club has helped people of all ages and backgrounds appreciate great works, so going on that concept, welcome to the Half Popped Reviews Movie Club!

Each week, we’ll have a movie (or multiple movies) to use for discussion purposes. We’ll find reasons for these selections, and we’ll announce them several weeks in advance so as to give members enough time to track down a copy and watch it if they have yet to develop an informed opinion of it. For those movies, we will have a discussion thread in our Facebook Group, we will collect opinions and review links, and then assemble it into a summary page (linked below)!

HPR Movie Club List

October 27, 2016 – ANGELS & DEMONS – The Discussion Page

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