2014 End Of Year Award Results

Best Visuals

Runner Up: Grand Budapest Hotel
“A simply beautifully crafted movie with some of the most impressive production design ever seen on screen.”
– Eric from The Movie Waffler (@theMovieWaffler)
” Wes Anderson’s films are always a visual feast for the eye. His collaborations with cinematographer Robert D. Yeoman is a big reason his films work so well.”
– Paul from Paul’s Trip to the Movies (@PaulsMovieTrip)

Winner: Interstellar
“The visuals in Interstellar are unlike anything I’ve seen prior, and the final product is a cinematic spectacle that can only truly be appreciated on the big screen.  Giving his signature take on blockbuster filmmaking, Nolan aims to bring as much of the real world into these visuals as possible.  With this in mind, I must say that his trekking through Iceland and other exotic locations around the globe has paid off.  Marked by gorgeous cinematography, panoramic camera shots, and the genuine beauty of the world around us, Nolan takes us on an imaginative space ride to the 5th dimension.  As you soak in the rich visuals, it’s easy to see why Nolan is in a league of his own in terms of modern big budget filmmaking.”
 Sober Film Critic James Brown (@soberfilmcritic)
“This one shouldn’t be too hard to understand. If anything, people would still agree that Interstellar had some really astonishing visuals throughout the film. Call it flawed, call it imperfect, it still looked brilliant – and combined with the thought-out science of the thing really turned Interstellar into a spectacle”
– Dave from Dave Examines Movies (@IamDWG)


Best Director

Runner Up: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Birdman)
“Of course. He gave us the best movie of the year. Cinemetography isn’t a category or else this movie would have one it too. He took a very very complicated movie, one that required a ton of ambition and he made it work. And given a lot of the humor being sight gags, it is even more miraculous that this comedy/drama film worked out. It took a talented cast and a man that could bring it all together to give us the best two hours of my life this year.”
– Nick of Gorgon Reviews (@GorgonReviews)

Winner: Richard Linklater (Boyhood)
“His film is a crowning achievement and is one of the best films of the past decade.”
– Paul from Paul’s Trip to the Movies (@PaulsMovieTrip)

Best Actress

Runner Up: Scarlett Johansson (Under The Skin)

Winner: Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl)
“She completely blew me away and digs deep into the psychological problems of that character.
– Paul from Paul’s Trip to the Movies (@PaulsMovieTrip)


Best Actor

Runner Up: Tom Hardy (Locke & The Drop)
“One role forced him to carry an entire film with just his facial expressions and tone of voice, whereas the other was an understated performance that really comes together in the end.”
– Me

Winner: Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler & Enemy)

Best Picture

Runner Up: Under The Skin

Winner: Boyhood
“There are few films that open up a time capsule for moviegoers like Richard Linklater’s Boyhood.  It’s the rare movie that actually captures life itself in a film roll.  We don’t just watch a boy become a little wiser after a life lesson that lasts for a couple of hours.  We physically watch Ellar Coltrane’s Mason Jr. grow from a boy into a young man.  In childhood and adolescence, we watch him go through the experiences and life with which we’re all too familiar.  Through the Bush years and the age of Obama, we’re not only watching a boy’s life unfold but reliving our own vicariously through him and the other characters that age and grow as the movie progresses.    It’s the consummate coming-of-age flick and an incredibly enjoyable piece of cinema.”
 Sober Film Critic James Brown (@soberfilmcritic)
“an amazing film that stands as a tribute to the talent and determination of a true independent voice, Richard Linklater.”
 Lisa Marie Bowman (@LisaMarieBowman)

And just when you thought that Best Picture was going to be the final award… we have one more, which is perhaps even more important.

Most Enjoyable Movie

Runner Up: The LEGO Movie
“Because everything is awesome!”
– Just about everyone who voted for it

Winner: Guardians Of The Galaxy
“…an exuberant blast of pure escapism.”
Lisa Marie Bowman (@LisaMarieBowman)
“Was this movie flawed? Yeah I guess you can say it was, but my god if it wasn’t one of the best movies I saw all year just for sheer enjoyability of the thing. I loved this movie so much more than I ever though possible, but Marvel really outdid themselves here – by being incredibly bold.”
– Dave from Dave Examines Movies (@IamDWG)


Bonus: Most Anticipated for 2015

Runner Up: Avengers – Age Of Ultron

Winner: Star Wars Episode VII

Participating Reviewers

Dave from Dave Examines Movies (@IamDWG)
site: daveexaminesmovies.com

Whit’s Movie Reviews (@WhitsMovies)
site: whitsmovies.blogspot.com

Nick of Gorgon Reviews (@GorgonReviews)
site: GorgView.com
His nominee which fell short in the vote: Get On Up
 I am not a huge James Brown fans, and kind of tired of these musical biographical films of great artists. But Get On Up gave us an entertaining movie in a new way. We didn’t get just straight to finish a story, it was told out of order and had fourth wall breaking moments. It had tremendous acting from Chadwick Boseman, which I am super stoked to be playing Black Panther now.  The only disappointing aspect of the movie is that he didn’t actually sing the music.

Dion Wyn Hughes (@ThatMovieGuyUK)
site: thatmovieguy.co.uk

Eric from The Movie Waffler (@theMovieWaffler)
site: themoviewaffler.com
His nominees which fell short in the vote: The Guest
Sometimes the most enjoyable movie of the year isn’t the best but this year The Guest was both hugely entertaining and impressive on every level.

Mark Hobin (@Mark_Hobin)
site: fastfilmreviews.com

Sober Film Critic James Brown (@soberfilmcritic)
site: sobrietytestmoviereviews.com

Lisa Marie Bowman (@LisaMarieBowman)
site: unobtainium13.com

Paul from Paul’s Trip to the Movies (@PaulsMovieTrip)
site: paulstriptothemovies.com

Le Anne of Tinsel & Tine (@tinseltine)
site: tinseltine.com
Her nominees which fell short in the vote: Selma

and me, Rob of GuysFilmQuest
site: guysfilmquest.wordpress.com

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