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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Beast Beast2021901(full review) - Madden seamlessly captures the carefree joy of youth, while also acknowledging the fear, loneliness and confusion
Cerebrum2021802(full review) - Instead of a watered-down wannabe action-palooza, Cerebrum has more in common with a classic murder mystery.
Drunk Bus2021802(full review) - The strength of the film is its dedication to character and letting those relationships feel real and lived in.
Port Authority2019802(full review) - Port Authority is a film that means well and mostly does well with its characters and cast.
Reefa 802(full review) - Reefa explores a short period in the life of street artist Israel “Reefa” Hernandez.
The Dose2020802(full review) - La Dosis tantalizes with interesting character beats and odd tonal shifts, but in the end, doesn’t quite reach a satisfying conclusion.
High Ground202057(full review) - The action sequences aren’t about excitement. They all come with consequences.