Da 5 Bloods

Lists: Drama, War

Brief Synopsis: "Four African-American Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam. They are in search of the remains of their fallen squad leader and the promise of buried treasure. These heroes battle forces of humanity and nature while confronted by the lasting ravages of the immorality of the Vietnam War."

Overall Ranking: 1290 (Rank from 2020: # 17)

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Buttery 25%
Regular 37.5%
Half-Popped 37.5%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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People Involved

  • Delroy Lindo (Paul)
  • Jonathan Majors (David)
  • Clarke Peters (Otis)
  • Norm Lewis (Eddie)
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Melvin)
  • Mélanie Thierry (Hedy Bouvier)
  • Paul Walter Hauser (Simon)
  • Jasper Pääkkönen (Seppo Havelin)
  • Johnny Trí Nguyễn (Vinh Tran)
  • Lê Y Lan (Tiên Luu)
  • Nguyen Ngoc Lâm (Quân)
  • Sandy Huong Pham (Michon)
  • Jean Reno (Desroche)
  • Chadwick Boseman (Stormin Norman)
  • Van Veronica Ngo (Hanoi Hannah)
  • Nguyen Anh Tuan (Chavy)
  • Duc Luong (Bao)
  • Quoc Tuan (Tam)
  • Tran Minh Thuong (Vietnamese Tracker)
  • Hoang Sang (Nguyen)
  • Thanh Van (Huy)
  • Nguyen Bao Ngoc (Thuy (Waitress))
  • Linh Huynh (Kmue (Hotel Clerk))
  • Le Cuong (Hoang (Beer Vendor))
  • Nhu Thuc (Chu (Chicken Seller))
  • Hung Cuong (Binh (Fruit Seller))
  • Thuy Hong (Dung (Snake Seller))
  • Nhu Le (Anh)
  • Ngoc Anh (Nu)
  • Hawk Newsome (Black Lives Matters Leader)
  • Adrienne J. Stowers (Janet)
  • Tirina Simons (Kim)
  • Kenda Roberts (Cissy)
  • Pernell Edward (Melvin, Jr.)
  • Hanh Phuc (Van)
  • Chu Xuan Ai (Hoang (Viet Cong Vet))
  • Jordan Morgan (Dennis The Menace (Radio Man))
  • Alex Winters (Joe (Huey Pilot))
  • Anton Patrynika (Bernie (Huey Pilot))
  • Casey Clark (Vito (Gunner))
  • Andrey Kasushkin (Bobby Joe (Gunner))
  • Suradet Dongthaisong (Viet Cong Hero Sapper)
  • Nhut Linh (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Phuc Pham Hoang (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Quoc Toan (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Xuan Thanh (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Truc Linh (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Nguyen Kim Dung (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Nguyen Vu Truc Nhu (Viet Cong Sapper)
  • Taweesak Baoseehah (Trackers Man #1)
  • Surawan Satchukorn (Trackers Man #2)
  • Pichaiyut Jongjai (Trackers Man #3)
  • Chaiyos Chaiyosburana (Desroches Driver)
  • Laersak Phusomjai (Tour Boat Pilot)
  • Amanda Nguyen (Hanoi Radio Announcer (voice))
  • Devin Rumer (Captain Hill (uncredited))
  • Rick Shuster (Pilot (uncredited))
  • Alexander Winters (Joe Huey Pilot (uncredited))
  • Mav Kang (Dead Pilot (uncredited))
  • Lyndon B. Johnson (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Malcolm X (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Hồ Chí Minh (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Richard Nixon (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Donald Trump (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Neil Armstrong (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Martin Luther King (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))
  • Muhammad Ali (Self (archive footage) (uncredited))