The Princess Diaries

Lists: Comedy, Family, Romance, Romantic Comedy

Brief Synopsis: "A socially awkward but very bright 15-year-old girl being raised by a single mom discovers that she is the princess of a small European country because of the recent death of her long-absent father, who, unknown to her, was the crown prince of Genovia. She must make a choice between continuing the life of a San Francisco teen or stepping up to the throne."

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People Involved

  • Julie Andrews (Queen Clarisse Renaldi)
  • Anne Hathaway (Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis)
  • Héctor Elizondo (Joe)
  • Heather Matarazzo (Lilly Moscovitz)
  • Mandy Moore (Lana Thomas)
  • Caroline Goodall (Helen Thermopolis)
  • Robert Schwartzman (Michael Moscovitz)
  • Erik von Detten (Josh Bryant)
  • Patrick John Flueger (Jeremiah Hart)
  • Sean OBryan (Patrick OConnell)
  • Sandra Oh (Vice Principal Gupta)
  • Kathleen Marshall (Charlotte Kutaway)
  • Mindy Burbano (Ms. Harbula)
  • Kimleigh Smith (Ms. Wells)
  • Elizabeth Gudenrath (Anna)
  • Bianca Lopez (Fontana)
  • Tamara Levinson (Lupe)
  • Lenore Thomas (Melissa)
  • Erik Bragg (Bobby Bad)
  • Meredith Shevory (Meredith)
  • Anita Marie Curran (Anita)
  • Cassie Rowell (Alice)
  • Todd Lowe (Eric)
  • Joe Unitas (Coach Joe Ewe)
  • Joel McCrary (Prime Minister Motaz)
  • Clare Sera (Maria Motaz)
  • Greg Lewis (Siegfried von Troken)
  • Bonnie Aarons (Joy von Troken)
  • Darwood Chung (Emperor Sakamoto)
  • Julie Paris (Princess Palisades)
  • Jeff Michalski (Scottish Duke)
  • Erin OReilly (Scottish Duchess)
  • Steve Restivo (Count Vitello)
  • Brigitta Lauren (Lady Lindenlaub)
  • Jane Morris (Lady Evergreen)
  • Gary Combs (Lord Fricker)
  • Marvin Braverman (State Dinner Waiter)
  • Allan Kent (State Dinner Waiter)
  • Robert Glaudini (Adolpho)
  • Bill Ferrell (Darrell)
  • Joe Ross (Consulate Maitre D)
  • Charles Guardino (Mel)
  • Sparrow Heatley (Gretchen)
  • Gwenda Perez (Helga)
  • Barbara Marshall (Lady Jerome)
  • Sam Denoff (Lord Jerome)
  • Tracy Reiner (Spencer)
  • Daru Kawalkowski (Countess Puck)
  • Diane Frazen (Ball Guest Diane)
  • Stanley Frazen (Stanley)
  • Barbara Nabozny (Barbara)
  • Ira Glick (Dr. Glunk)
  • Sol Rosenthal (Lawyer Ball Guest)
  • Hope Alexander-Willis (Lady Caroline)
  • Joe Allen Price (Father Joseph)
  • Willie Brown (Himself)
  • Patrick Richwood (Mr. Robutusen)
  • Terry Brown (Arthur Washington)
  • James Brown Orleans (Dr. Motors)
  • Rob Zylowski (Pizza Delivery Man)
  • Karl Makinen (Schiavone)
  • Sunny Hawks (Vivian)
  • Kathy Garver (Cable Tourist)
  • Erika Young (Umbrella Lady)
  • Ethan Sandler (Tour Bus Driver)
  • Shan Elliot (Michaels Bandmate)
  • Trey Carter (Michaels Bandmate)
  • Bud Markowitz (Pear Juggler)
  • Mark Thompson (DJ Mark)
  • Brian Phelps (DJ Brian)
  • Lily Marshall-Fricker (Kid Autograph Seeker)
  • Charlotte Marshall-Fricker (Kid Autograph Seeker)
  • Sandra Taylor (Suki Sanchez)
  • Tom Hines (Nelson Davenport)
  • Nicholle Tom (Cassie)
  • Patrick Noonan (Sukis Cameraman)
  • Ali Gage (Beach Reporter Ali)
  • John Moran (Beach Photographer)
  • Tanya DiFrancesco (Beach Reporter)
  • Shannon Wilcox (Ball Reporter)
  • Tonje Larsgard (Ball Reporter)
  • Rueben Grundy (Street Reporter)
  • Gwen Holloway (Street Reporter)
  • Lori Sigrist (Twin Reporter)
  • Terri Sigrist (Twin Reporter)
  • Andy Arness (Teacher (uncredited))
  • René Auberjonois (Philippe Renaldi (uncredited))
  • Ned Brower (Michaels Bandmate (uncredited))
  • Jodi Essex (Model (uncredited))
  • Larry Miller (Paolo (uncredited))
  • Barry J. Ratcliffe (Cop #2 (uncredited))
  • Craig Richards (Students Father (uncredited))
  • Terry Wayne (Clark (uncredited))