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Films Ranked
1Darren of Movie Reviews 101147
2Dave Examines Movies128
3Gorgon Reviews124
4Bryan Lienesch112
5Dan O'Neill102
6CinemaVisitor Erik84
7David Baruffi77
8Thomas Pollock59
8Sober Film Critic James Brown59
10Lisa Marie Bowman57
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Films Ranked
11Minnesota Man56
12Rob from GuysFilmQuest46
13George Rother of MovieGuy 24/745
14Colin Flanagan36
15Sean Kelly27
15Tim The Film Guy27
17Silver Screen Riot Matt Oakes24
18Maurice of Movie Mixology23
19Daniel Prinn at Daniel's Film Reviews21
19Ryan from Ten Stars Or Less21
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Films Ranked
22Patrick Devitt20
23Steve Habrat19
23Movie Waffler Eric Hillis19
23Fast Film Reviews Mark Hobin19
26Nathan Adams and the Temple Of Reviews18
27Jay of Life Vs Film17
27Tom Little of Digital Shortbread17
27Angry Vader17
30Citizen Charlie15
30Chris of This Is Madness15
30Dan Fogarty - Fogs Movie Reviews15
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
33Keith Noakes12
33Jim Carrier12
36BTS Brian11
36Paul's Trip To The Movies11
38Cassidy Haynes10
38Cut The Crap Movie Reviews by Aiden R10
38Morgan On Media10
41Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick9
41Mark Chapman9
41Damon Schneider9
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
41Carly Booth9
45Le Anne of Tinsel And Tine8
45Gruesome Hertzogg8
45Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium8
49Sir M Hayes XIV7
49Alex Robinson7
49Kevin McCarthy7
49Paul Perkins7
53Words of WisTIM6
53Movie Evangelist6
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
53Movies Hate You Too6
53That Movie Guy Dion Wyn Hughes6
53Brandon H6
53Josh of Classicblanca6
53J Collins6
53Often Off Topic Allie Adkins6
53RMMR Daniel Hernandez6
53Mario L6
53V Lionheart6
64Jeremy M5
64Brittani Burnham of Rambling Film5
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
64General Disdain from Critical Movie Critics5
64Usman Ashraf5
64Tim Belloff5
64Wayne of Man I Love Films5
64Stu Loves Film5
64Committed to Celluloid Fernando Rafael5
64Jordan K5
73Hypersonic55 Curt4
73A Moot Point with Aling Lukring4
73Mikey from The Reviewer.Net4
73Lord Of The Films Ryan4
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
73Warning Sign4
73J Patterson4
73Adam Shaftoe4
73GuiltyFilm Melanie J4
73Cirque du Cinema4
73CineMarvellous George Beremov4
733Guys Adam4
73GuiltyFilm Mark M4
73GuiltyFilm Andrew N4
73Khalid Rafi4
7370s Richard Kirkham4
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
73GuiltyFilm Kevin M4
73Caz of Lets Go To The Movies4
73Andrew Crump of Go, See, Talk!4
91Keith And The Movies3
91Brandon S of Media In Review3
91Horror Hounds3
91CineKatz Vivek3
91Ben Lane3
91Harvey Gardner3
91Rich Alejandro3
91Zach Murphy3
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
91Jester Smiles3
91Today I Watched A Movie3
91Cool Movie Guy Dave Randal3
91Cinephile Catherine3
91J Bumgardner3
91Entertainment Blur Rob3
91Sweet Popcorn And Late Nights3
106Greg of Klymkiw Film Corner2
1063Guys Griff2
106GuiltyFilm David K2
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
106Sober Film Chick Mary Dieng2
106Paul B2
106HC Movie Reviews2
106Danny M2
106Jeanette Ward2
106Chris Turner2
106Nathan Zoebl2
106Ryan Critic2
106Andy Watches Movies2
106Sean Luby2
106John Ambitious2
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
106Jake of Peffer Reviews2
106FTS Nick R2
123R Moreno1
123Mac the Movie Guy1
123Mr Jeffery of JDB Records1
123Colin Carman1
123GuiltyFilm Scott W1
123Lucien of Buzz Hub1
123Sketchy Details Robert1
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
123Chris Nashawaty of EW1
123Gordon Maples1
123Cue dot Confessions Michael Scott1
123George McCann1
123Ten K Movies1
123Mark Dujsik1
123James Patrick1
123Katie Wong1
123Danilo Castro1
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
123JR B1
123Paskalis Damarak1
123Nick Ledgerwood1
123Fr Dennis1
123Scott Davis of CinemaNerdz1
123Betsy Russo of CinemaNerdz1
123Brewtal Beard1
123FilmHipster Chris Devine1
123Andrea from Delusions Of Grandeur Reviews1
123GuiltyFilm Jennifer D1
123Seth Paul of Cinema Nerdz1
Rank Reviewer # of
Films Ranked
123Mesh The Movie Freak1
123Coogs Film Blog1
123Head In A Vice Tyson Carter1
1233Guys Scotty1
123Alex Hunt Essentials1
123Jeff Beck1
123Bryan Lowers1
123Jackson Shrout1
123Pete B1
123Matt Wells1
123Brandon Prosek1
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Films Ranked