Ladder List: Best Picture Oscar Winners

Ladder Progress for Dan O'Neill

Movie Reviewer
Rung Achieved?
1Green Book75Yes
2The Shape of Water80Yes
612 Years a Slave85Yes
8Artist, The80Yes
9Kings Speech, The80Yes
10Hurt Locker, The100Yes
11Slumdog Millionaire
12No Country for Old Men
13Departed, The85{--future--}
15Million Dollar Baby85{--future--}
16Lord of the Rings: Return of the King95{--future--}
18A Beautiful Mind85{--future--}
20American Beauty
21Shakespeare in Love90{--future--}
23English Patient, The90{--future--}
25Forrest Gump
26Schindlers List95{--future--}
28Silence of the Lambs, The
29Dances with Wolves90{--future--}
30Driving Miss Daisy85{--future--}
31Rain Man90{--future--}
32Last Emperor, The
34Out of Africa
36Terms of Endearment
38Chariots of Fire
39Ordinary People90{--future--}
40Kramer vs. Kramer
41Deer Hunter, The95{--future--}
42Annie Hall95{--future--}
44One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest100{--future--}
45Godfather: Part II, The
46Sting, The85{--future--}
47Godfather, The
48French Connection, The
50Midnight Cowboy
52In the Heat of the Night
53A Man for All Seasons
54Sound of Music, The
55My Fair Lady
56Tom Jones
57Lawrence of Arabia
58West Side Story
59The Apartment
62The Bridge on the River Kwai
63Around the World in Eighty Days
65On The Waterfront
66From Here to Eternity
67The Greatest Show on Earth
68An American in Paris
69All About Eve
70All The King's Men
71Hamlet (1948)
72Gentleman's Agreement
73The Best Years of Our Lives
74The Lost Weekend
75Going My Way
77Mrs. Miniver
78How Green Was My Valley
80Gone with the Wind
81You Can't Take It With You
82The Life of Emile Zola
83The Great Ziegfeld
84Mutiny on the Bounty
85It Happened One Night
87Grand Hotel
89All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
90The Broadway Melody

Last Rung Reached: 10

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