Achievements Listing for: The Godfather Trilogy

Godfather, The

Godfather: Part II, The

Godfather Part III, The
Rob from GuysFilmQuest8580Not Yet Rated
Steve Habrat10010090
J Collins7080Not Yet Rated
Bryan Lienesch967261
J Bumgardner9010060
BTS Brian10010080
Kevin McCarthyNot Yet Rated100Not Yet Rated
Jim Carrier9899Not Yet Rated
Daniel Prinn at Daniel's Film Reviews90Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
Bryan Lowers100Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
Sean Kelly100Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
Danny M10010080
Cut The Crap Movie Reviews by Aiden R100Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
Dan Fogarty - Fogs Movie Reviews10098.5Not Yet Rated
Mario L10010070
Dave Examines Movies76Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
David Baruffi979780
Josh of Classicblanca100100Not Yet Rated
Patrick Devitt100100Not Yet Rated
Sober Film Critic James Brown100Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
Thomas Pollock100100Not Yet Rated
MandF Reviews90Not Yet RatedNot Yet Rated
Ryan from Ten Stars Or Less807050
Lisa Marie Bowman1009575
Annwyn S6070Not Yet Rated
JRebanal100100Not Yet Rated